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Blogging Check In

I started blogging a little over three months ago with the idea that I could post once and sometimes twice a week with original content I wanted to share regarding bigger themes related to my work in healthcare, leadership, and strategy.  So far, so good — until this week, when client work, speaking gigs, and life got in the way.  The irony is I wrote several articles this week, but for other publishers who would not be enthusiastic about my pre-publishing them here.  I considered video blogging, but am not quite ready to take that on.

So for this week, I will have to settle with sharing something I wrote that was published this week elsewhere.   Bloomberg BNA asked me to write for their Health Care Fraud Report about urine tox screening, something I wrote about here a few months ago.  For those of you who don’t subscribe to Bloomberg, here’s a link to what I wrote there.

As long as I’m sharing more “legal” content, I thought I would also take the opportunity to share “guest” blog entry by sharing a link this week about the situation of a local hospital that had its data held by up by ransomware.  I plan to address the issue of data vulnerability in healthcare in the future, but for now want to share a link to my colleague Katie Russo’s advice for healthcare organizations dealing with these nightmares.  I’ve had a few people ask about guest blogging, and I am open to guest bloggers on healthcare, leadership, and business strategy themes.  Both of these blog posts are from my law firm’s blog, for anyone who is interested in seeing what gets posted there in the future.

I’ll leave you with a blogging check in.  In the coming weeks, some healthcare topics I’m thinking about and planning to write about include precision medicine, underinsurance, and the different visions of healthcare being presented on the presidential campaign trails.  Some leadership and strategy topics I’m thinking about are board leadership succession and strategic planning.  (I could write a much longer list, but even this feels ambitious.) If you have thoughts to share about these topics, please email me at hnelson@nelsonhardiman.com.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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