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Your Feedback: Cut out political commentary?


Last week, an old friend sent me a note on my blog post on resilience, suggesting that “although I am not a Trump supporter and agree with your comments about him, you could have left your views about him out of this particular paper, and it might have been an even stronger piece.”

This feedback made me reflect, and I wrote back: “I am struggling with two tensions.  On one side, over the past year or so, I have begun trying to assemble, over time, work on the important values that I believe in and lessons I have learned, with the idea that, at a minimum they will offer an ethical will for my kids when I am gone and with the more ambitious possibility that they might ultimately come together in a book about leadership and transformation that someone might be interested in.  On the other, I find it incredibly cathartic to capture the emotional triggers that are making me think so much about particular issues, which lately has been a lot of Trump. I try not to get political (because it’s bad for business) but I do sometimes write for the therapeutic value of doing so – forcing me to get things off my chest that are bothering me. I hear you that I I may be undercutting the first objective because of the second.  I might be better off to keep a first draft with my “baggage”….”

I would be grateful for feedback. Are the references to political events offputting or distracting from the content? Personally, I am always searching for an honest but unifying message.  I am not gearing up to run for office (although several people have suggested I should), but I am interested on thinking through how core values that apply across all organizational realms from the personal and family to business and government.


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