Making Sense Out of Healthcare Confusion

Co-founding and managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, Harry Nelson is the nation’s leading healthcare attorney and a top expert on the future of U.S. healthcare. In building the largest healthcare and life sciences firm in Los Angeles, he’s earned national acclaim for driving innovative solutions to the most difficult problems facing healthcare.

The United States of Opioids:
A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain

Who should read this book?

  • A person struggling personally or watching loved ones struggle with opioid or drug dependence or addiction
  • Anyone who cares about how to protect their children, neighbors, and co-workers
  • Anyone trying to make sense of the opioid crisis or what to do about it
  • People living with chronic pain
  • Health professionals and anyone working in healthcare organizations to understand and navigate the challenges in addiction and pain medicine
  • A person curious about alternative therapies for pain and addiction
  • A person curious about alternatives like cannabis, CBD, Ibogaine, NAD, and other non-mainstream therapies
  • Employers

Harry Nelson’s latest book delivers critical insights about the Opioid Crisis, along with a roadmap for strategies for the way out. He shares an essential and fascinating history of how opioid addiction grew roots into our culture, and lays out the case for why we cannot afford to continue our current, failing approach to pain management and opioid addiction. He provides a gripping healthcare insider account that includes case studies and information that is equally meaningful to patients, doctors, caregivers, and healthcare providers, and anyone who cares about the future of America.

Harry’s breakthrough book addresses the deeper roots of the crisis beyond health policy; he explains how we became a nation imprisoned by pain and how we can break free. He provides a practical guide for how we can reclaim our rights, our lives, and our health.

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From ObamaCare to TrumpCare:
Why You Should Care

On the eve of Donald Trump’s presidency, confusion reigned about American healthcare. Why does our health system cost twice as much as the next most expensive system, yet produce much worse health outcomes? Had the Affordable Care Act improved things or made them worse? What did the future hold for American healthcare? Healthcare thought leaders Harry Nelson and Rob Fuller take on big questions, laying out the essential story of how the U.S. health system evolved and why Americans spend more on healthcare and get less than any other advanced industrialized country in the world. Providing a history of healthcare reform, an analysis of where ObamaCare succeeded and failed, and what the future would bring, Nelson and Fuller shed light on the critical questions Americans will be asking about their healthcare in the coming years: What will become of my health insurance, my healthcare, and my health?

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